Events And Launches


Everything starts with a flare and with this our journey began to do something that leaves an impact not only on mind and heart but also, to the inner core. We are not only a name it stands by its perfection for work, creativity at its best and vivid ways of lending a final shape to the product you desire. Your way is our own way. We believe in knowing you up close, understand your business better, design and designate task as per your whims and fancies and finally, deliver an output that is worth a Watch.

Events are often considered as the most effective & direct tool for any communication. Just because of their live presentation, entertainment factor and direct interaction, events are always ends up by having more impact image on the audience’s mind.

In this era of advertising bombardment where a customer is always being hit by various media, events are the only medium where customer enjoys the activity and likes to be a part of the show. High recall value is the factor which gives events an edge over the other media.