Medical Payment Recovery

Eliminate third party billing and stop losing up to 50% of your profits.

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With over 17 years of combined experience and expertise in the Medical field, we understand the desperate need for an effective and inexpensive solution to resolve the frustrating issues with account receivables. After several years of research and our expertise, we designed the perfect solution that is one of a kind and will revolutionize the medical industry. Our robust Medical Payment portal is designed to allow physicians and clinics collect 50% or more of the Non-Collectible Debt.

Many physicians and clinics are constantly dealing with patient billing and A/R and are losing 30-35% of their revenue in uncollected medical bills. With the ongoing trend growing towards higher deductible plans, this number is actually increasing. We have the solution to resolve these growing collection issues and put revenue back in the physician pocket.

  • Eliminate third party billing and stop losing up to 50% of your profits to collection agencies
  • Reduce workload on your billing staff by over 25%
  • Improve patient’s satisfaction by instantaneous communication with them about there appointments and payments due to the physician or clinic
  • Our system uses the highest level of security standard required by HIPAA and PCI compliance.